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“Life is a war – a story about the fight for the human heart. The only thing that matters in every persons life is their role in the story. What is your role in the story? What did God create you to do?”.  John Eldridge, author of the book Wild at Heart recently shared those words with me along with 450 other men at a Ransomed Heart” retreat in the cold but beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It was affirmation that as a man and a ministry, we are right where we are supposed to be.

Changing our Name not our Mission

On the night of June 29, 2012, the Lord gave me a message to share with Christians across America. He told me that millions of people across America would hear this message and respond, but I’ve struggled since the beginning to understand how such a thing would take place. It took six years for me to understand that the message won’t just be read in a book or shared from a pulpit. WE ARE THE MESSAGE.  As we live “all in”, the freedom and love that God gives us compels us to show that love to others. They will physically see the message in us, recognize its authenticity, and a movement of love will begin to transform communities across America.

During the tragic floods of 2016 in Louisiana and the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, the Lord birthed a new program within the All In Movement called NEEDSERV.  Whether during a natural disaster or a blue-sky day, we built NEEDSERV to bring together people who need help and don’t know where to get it with people who want to help but don’t know how. Simply put, NEEDSERV was built so we can #bethechurch not just go to church!

In 2018 NEEDSERV became more than just a program within the ministry; God made it clear that NEEDSERV WAS the ministry. The Lord brought three separate organizations together, the All In Movement, Wings of the Spirit, and the Provisions Project, and birthed NEEDSERV; a vehicle to attract the children of God, help them live “all in” lives, and be a demonstration of His love to others every day.

Our Mission is Personal Revival – to connect people to their God-given purpose as we match the unique gifts and skills of those who want to help others with the specific needs of those who need it most. The Lord established NEEDSERV to start a wave of authentic love that will sweep across America and change everyone it touches. Hearts will change as each person chooses to go “all in” and begins to serve those around them.

2019: What’s Happening

  • NEEDSERV APP – v3 Complete in March
  • 10-12 partnerships with LA churches (facilitate service through app & prepare for hurricane season relief operations)
  • BETA Program with partners to make service a way of life rather than “event based”
  • Strategic partnership with LA Gov. Office of Homeland Security to coordinate DR response effort of faith-based community
  • Track and share stories of lives changed along with community economic impact
  • Integrate lessons learned through BETA & prepare to launch nationally
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