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A Movement of Love

  • Partnerships

    We use cutting edge software to match skills and gifts of those who want to help others with the specific needs of those who need it most.

  • Real People Real Needs

    We make it easy for churches, nonprofits, and businesses to identify specific needs within your organization and community.

  • Serving Others

    Browse needs in the app anytime or subscribe to be alerted when the needs that interest you most appear in your area.


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Step 1 – Become a Partner

Faith organizations across America are filled with willing hearts but are also limited in their resources. There are needs in every church and every community that go unmet. NEEDSERV works in partnership with the faith community to serve those needs during blue sky seasons and times of disaster.

Become a partner and we’ll identify a Coordinator within your organization to serve as our primary point of contact. Together we will make service a way of life within your organization and community.

Step 2 – Kickoff and Training

Our team will provide you with guidance on best practices, training, and resources to kickoff needserv within your organization. We will help you identify and train:

Need Scouts: An important role designed to identify and vet needs within your organization and community to ensure they are valid and aligned with your mission.

Volunteers: We will help you launch the needserv program and app within your organization so that your individual members can browse needs and even subscribe to the needs categories that interest them most.


Step 3 – SERVE | PRAY | GIVE

Whether in response to a disaster or during a blue-sky day, trained Need Scouts within your organization will begin to identify real needs within your community and enter them into the NEEDSERV App.

Other trusted & trained members & volunteers in the app will see the needs as they are entered and begin to serve. Regardless of age, skills, or interest, every member of your organization can get involved. Some will choose to serve face-to-face while others may just want to pray or give.

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