Our Collective Experience

  • We have worked in coordination with 23 states, 150 church associations, and 46 other non-profit organizations from across the nation to dispatch supplies to shelters and affected areas for immediate relief.


  • Organized and distributed 80+ tons of clothing, children’s coats and medical supplies, 300+ tons of non-perishable food and bottled water, 50,000+ meals and 10,000+ mattresses, comforters, sheets, and pillows delivered to survivors who did not want to leave their uninhabitable homes for fear of looting, squatting, and vandalism.


  • Supported multiple outreach efforts to serve the homeless, supported persecuted Churches in 8 countries and built homes, chicken coups and stoves for 2 villages in Guatemala.


We will do more together than we’ve ever done apart.


Birthed Out of Tragedy

Needserv is the outcome of the merging of three organizations…The Provisions Project, Wings of the Spirit and the All In Movement.  Through our combined efforts individually and collectively, we responded to the historic 2016 Floods of Louisiana and countless efforts with Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, Florence and Michael. Our organizations have conducted water rescues, provided teams for mucking and gutting homes and returned 98% of the survivors affected by the flooding in Louisiana back to safe, habitable housing in 3 parishes through our long-term recovery efforts. 
After working heavily in the post-disaster realm aiding in recovery efforts, the founders of these three organizations saw a need to do more. It is for this reason that three organizations have come together as one. NEEDSERV partners with local churches to serve during both ‘blue sky’ AND ‘gray sky’ seasons – making a difference in peoples lives year round and training local volunteers during the process for more stable, sustainable, and resilient communities. NEEDSERV is a vehicle to attract the children of God and enable them to be a demonstration of His love to others every day.
It’s time to bring together people who need help and don’t know where to get it with people who want to help but don’t know how. 

“As we work to serve others, God has taught us not to ask for everything at once, but to be specific and ask Him for what each person needs most in that moment. In every case, He has proven faithful to meet their needs.  We’ve learned that when we partner with Him in the natural, He does the supernatural.”

Our Mission

Our Mission is Personal Revival – to connect people to their God-given purpose as we match the unique gifts and skills of those who want to help others with the specific needs of those who need it most.

Our Vision

Our vision is to change lives across America. Together we can see churches grow and communities transformed as people experience the love of God for themselves and discover His purposes for their lives through service.

Meet The Team

  • Michael Phillips
    Michael Phillips Co-Founder, President
    Michael is an author, entrepreneur, IT industry leader, father, husband and Christian. His business success and personal faith journey have helped him build a distinguished career focused on impacting people and organizations in positive ways.
    Michael graduated from LSU with a BA in Information Systems and spent the next 13 years building Sparkhound , a Louisiana-based IT services company. As an owner/partner and COO, Michael helped Sparkhound achieve 250 percent growth between 2008 and 2012 and positioned the company among the most respected and fasting growing IT consulting firms in the country with more than 230 team members and nearly 30 million in annual revenues.
    Michael left Sparkhound to launch the ALL IN MOVEMENT in 2013 after more than 15 years in the IT industry. On the night of June 29, 2012, God called Michael “all in” and gave him a message to share across America. The very next day, the Lord had Michael give his truck away to a stranger in a donut store parking lot and his “all in” journey officially began.
  • Annette Girman
    Annette Girman Co-Founder, Executive Director
    Annette has been married to her husband Jeff for 27 years and has a son and one daughter.
    Annette has a BA from Valparaiso University is certified in Disaster Response from Harvard Humanities, and has extensive training in FEMAs National Incident Management System.
    Prior to joining Michael and Ryan to co-found NEEDSERV, Annette served as Executive Director of The Provisions Project, a nonprofit partner to government, non-government and faith-based organizations with a focus on training and coordinating efforts to rebuild communities after a disaster strikes.
    Annette is passionate about disaster response and her proficiency in relief operations has enabled her to build quality relationships with organizations across America.
  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams Co-Founder, Vice President Operations
    Ryan is a husband, father, Christian, speaker and entrepreneur with a passion for serving others and enabling others to do the same.
    Ryan’s service mentality has allowed him to be successful in both the business world and in ministry. Ryan achieved success as a top 10 producing sales manager for a fortune 200 company prior to founding and serving as President of Workforce Benefit Solutions, a Louisiana based benefit broker and payroll service provider built to focus more on helping others than making a number.
    In 2013, Ryan founded Wings of the Spirit Missions, an aviation, disaster relief organization, built to mobilize the faith-based community and serve those in affected areas through goods distribution and volunteered manpower.
  • Jeremy Starns
    Jeremy Starns Co-Founder, Vice President Technology
    Business & technology innovator with a track record of building successful organizations that create value for shareholders, employees and investors. A decade of entrepreneurial effort created a dozen businesses, raised millions in seed capital, and created double digit returns for investors. 20 years of experience from the bottom to the top and back, built a tenacious but humble character with a passion for success. Dynamic leadership style characterized by a personable common sense approach that galvanizes individuals to achieve a common vision. Reverent and compassionate giver with a focus to balance the scale for those truly in need.

Board of Directors

  • Manuel Calderon
    Manuel Calderon Treasurer
    Born and Married in Puerto Rico, Manuel moved with his Wife Yvina and his daughter Sofia to Wilson, NC to work as a Technology Lead for BB&T Bank in 2001. Since then Manuel has held leadership positions in the financial services and technology sectors as a Senior Consultant for Equifax, Delivery Manager for CMSI , Business Development Director for Sparkhound and Vice President of Professional Services for Cypress Software Systems. Manuel is currently the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FlexManage.
    Manuel became a Christian when he was 16 years old. His love for the Lord and the Church drive he and his family as they walk with the Lord daily.
  • Bryan Hickox
    Bryan Hickox
    A freelance film and television executive producer, producer, writer and director. Dr. Hickox has personally produced 71 network “Movies-of-the-Week”, pilots and mini-series; seven network television dramatic series and 250 hours of syndicated television programming as well as eleven theatrical feature films. The television movies produced by Dr. Hickox have been the highest rated movies on all networks, four years in a row. His movies have been nominated for sixteen National Emmy Awards. He’s won seven National Emmy Awards, The George Foster Peabody Award, and collectively, has garnered over 200 national and international film festivals awards.
  • Bradley Garrett
    Bradley Garrett
    Bradley Garrett is an IT Leader with 21 years of experience in Infrastructure Technology. He has served in various Technical and Leadership roles including Systems Administration, IT Architect and Enterprise IT Manager.
    Bradley, his wife Shelly, and their 2 daughters reside in Walker, Louisiana. They attend Abundant Life Church in Denham Springs, Louisiana, where Bradley and his eldest daughter were both Baptized in December, 2017.
  • Larry Goodridge
    Larry Goodridge Secretary

    Larry has been married to Karen Goodridge, PhD, for 27 years. He and Karen have a daughter, Randi, and one grandson, Roman, who is the most amazing 4 year old ever!

    Larry Goodridge has been a service leader throughout his career with an 18 year term in the apparel industry with Fortune 500 company, Cintas Corporation. During his long career with Cintas, he served as service/sales representative, winning multiple awards, including Representative of The Year. He managed over $5 million annually as a Training Coordinator, being ranked consistently among the top performers. His diverse management portfolio also includes 4 years of service for Little Caesars Pizza where he was recruited to develop an emerging market as the Market Director, overseeing construction of new locations and employee development, including all hiring, training, store performance, sales, and marketing. In 2014 Larry was recruited to manage service and sales for technology company, Teknarus. After the company sold, Larry was brought in by leadership to manage sales for a leader in the health insurance space, Workforce Benefit Solutions.

    Larry is a servant leader who has served in multiple disaster relief initiatives with local organizations, such as Wings of the Spirit, All In, and Needserv. He led his family through the Flood of 2016, when his own home was under 43 inches of water. With the gained experience and outpouring of help he received, Larry knew that serving others whom had flooded or experienced disaster, is where his service would be most valuable. Larry also serves as Coordinator for Discovery Weekends, a men’s retreat weekend.

  • Karen Goodridge
    Karen Goodridge

    With a relentless commitment to developing the potential in others, Karen Goodridge is a passionate thought-leader and bridge-builder, dedicated to helping young professionals and executive leaders transition through the most critical times of their lives. Having personally experienced and overcome many challenges, she understands the value of “investing in the lives of others…because they’re worth it.”

    Karen has been a counseling professional with experience at the high school, junior college and the university level. She possess 15 years of higher education administration experience, providing services to faculty, staff, high school, undergraduate and graduate students in leadership development, academic planning, Freshman Year Experience, personal, career and academic counseling.

    Karen’s professional experience and affiliations have inspired her to design a personal branding model that has been an integral part of her career. Karen started KG Consulting in January 2018 because she saw the need for personal development coaching in our community.

    Karen has served in multiple disaster relief efforts with local ministries, such as Wings of The Spirit, All In, and Needserv, following the flood of 2016 where her families home flooded and she experienced great loss. She serves in her church on outreach events as well.

    Karen has been married for 27 years to Larry Goodridge, has one daughter, Randi, and one grandson, Roman.

  • Dale Tidwell
    Dale Tidwell

    Dale is a Christian, a husband and a father of three children and has 29 years of experience in the Learning and Development field.

    Dale started his career in training and curriculum development in 1990 while serving in the U.S. NAVY during Operation Desert Storm. After serving his country, Dale joined Louisiana State University’s Department of Continuing Education as an instructor. There, he was responsible for developing OSHA and NFPA compliant training curriculum and instructed at the Fire and Emergency Training Institute. In his role, he was responsible for managing training requirements for over 200 private and public sector entities across North America.

    In 1998, Dale’s passion for innovative solutions and human development sparked him to shift his talents to private sector industry where he joined BASF corporation. There, he has held various roles within Learning and Development over the past 21 years. In Dale’s current role as the Operational Improvement Coordinator, his focus is creating innovative training solutions for our technology-driven society using enhanced reality learning.

    Foremost, Dale’s passion is being an image bearer of Jesus Christ. Dale and his family attend Journey church in Central La. His love for Christ is seen through his devotion to the faith community and in his tireless efforts of encouragement and mission of personal revival for all those he meets.

Advisory Board

  • Chad Connelly
    Chad Connelly
    Chad was the National Director of the Faith Engagement Initiative for the Republican National Committee from 2013-2017 and led the RNC’s engagement with evangelicals across the country. Prior to his national role with the RNC, Chad was the Chairman of the Republican Party in South Carolina.
    Chad is a dynamic and experienced speaker, coach, entrepreneur and business owner with strong skills in Negotiation, Nonprofit Organizations, Fundraising, Speaking, Coaching, Government, and Event Management.
  • Gary Frazier
    Gary Frazier
    Gary Frazier is a respected speaker and writer on the subject of Bible prophecy, current events and speaks in approximately 50-75 churches and conferences annually. He is a former pastor and has traveled to Israel more than 150 times since the 70’s.
    Gary founded Discovery Missions International in 1985 located in the Dallas Ft. Worth metro area and serves as the President. Additionally Gary has served as Executive Vice President of United in Purpose (UiP), a non-profit resource and information hub for churches and faith based organizations.
    Gary has served as a pastor, an adjunct professor at Liberty University in the LaHaye School of Bible Prophecy, and in his spare time serves as a Teaching Associate for his good friend Dr, Jack Graham at Prestonwood Church in Plano, Texas.
  • Greg Beatty
    Greg Beatty
    Greg Beatty is the lead pastor of Abundant Life Church. Starting as the youth pastor, he now oversees the various ministries of the church and teaching on Sunday mornings. He holds a degree in business management from Southeastern Louisiana University. He and his wife, Christina, are blessed with two children, Kate and Tyler, and they live in Denham Springs, Louisiana.

  • Bishop R.J. Gosselin
    Bishop R.J. Gosselin
    Bishop R.J. Gosselin has 30 years of experience and currently serves as CEO for Catalyst Group International, a group that applies diplomatic reach and business intelligence to strategic projects on five continents. Additionally, he serves as Bishop overseeing the Mediterranean and Middle East for the Communion Of Evangelical Churches. As such he spends six months a year based in Jerusalem. Dr. Gosselin has been involved in helping the companies and clients he serves meet their goals for increased sales, expanding market share and solidifying business success. Over the course of his career, his skills have assisted a wide variety of clients from entrepreneurial ventures and small-medium enterprises to Fortune 500 companies. His client list for training and systems integration includes Hewlett-Packard, Amazon.com, Primerica Financial Services, Best Buy and Comp-USA. Dr. Gosselin has been involved in developing training and assessment materials used by United Airlines, WalMart, Sylvan Learning Centers , MCI Worldcom, Nuveen Investments, Southcom and Prentice-Hall. He holds a Ph.D. in Leadership and Organization with highest honors from Logos Graduate School. He is a member of Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals. In 1996, by the Stanly County (NC) Chamber of Commerce honored him as the Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • Dr. Larry Poland
    Dr. Larry Poland
    Larry Poland is a native of Ohio and a graduate of Wheaton (Illinois) College with a Bachelors degree in sociology. Dr. Poland also earned Masters and Ph.D. degrees from Purdue University in college administration and a Master of Divinity degree from Grace Theological Seminary. Media has been a key part of Dr. Poland’s life since the late 1970’s when he hosted an issues oriented television talk show which was syndicated in major TV markets across Canada. He hosted a short radio feature, The Mediator, which was aired daily on hundreds of radio stations for 18 years.
    Dr. Poland is founder, chairman, and CEO of Mastermedia International, a ministry to the top leadership of film and television in Hollywood and New York, and one which seeks to keep Christian believers informed of the spiritual dynamics inside media. He’s the recipient of the coveted Covenant Award for significant, Christian influence on the secular media and the founder of the National Media Prayer Breakfast.
  • Bob Williamson
    Bob Williamson
    Renowned businessman and serial entrepreneur Bob Williamson has achieved national acclaim for his business acumen and philanthropic efforts. All told Williamson has founded 19 successful businesses. His largest business accomplishment to date was the establishment of one of the most successful food service technology companies in the United States, Horizon Software International; a company that he sold in 2008 for $75 million.
    Bob overcame tremendous personal challenges in his early life. His childhood was dark; he was physically abused as a child, was an alcoholic by 14, and a criminal, homeless drug addict at 17. He reached the point where he felt that suicide was his only viable option but then a horrific car accident and a chance encounter with a merciful nurse helped change his life.
    During his long recovery he read the Bible in an effort to disprove it, but instead found faith in God and along with it personal redemption and hope through Jesus Christ. Bob founded a powerful national ministry called the Jesus Alliance after receiving God’s call to work towards uniting the church and being a part of fulfilling the Great Commission.

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